QuantiaMD is an online community of physicians and clinicians. Everything the company does is digital, so when the CEO asked me to design the company’s holiday card, I immediately thought that it should be an online card — not a printed one.

Working with an outside vendor, we designed this fun digital interactive holiday card. It was sent it out to all of our community members and company partners. The card honored our caring clinician members and then asked them to post a “sticky note” of a good deed they had recently done.

Within 24 hours over 70 digital sticky notes had been posted and by the time the campaign ended 3 weeks later, over 1000 sticky notes (and 4 different pages of the card) had been added. The notes were truly inspiring — everything from “I paid for a patient’s meds today. He couldn’t afford them.” and “I donated 3 bags of groceries to our local food bank today” to “I saved a man’s life today on a long distance flight.”